​​1. Introduction - Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium
The development and submission of this Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium (referred to as GBICS hereafter) partnership proposal is to generate cash or in-kind support from individuals and organizations to help complete the project as envisioned. The construction of multi-faceted sport complex was deemed necessary for the development of sport and cricket as an emerging game in Nepal. Nepal has participated and represented at international cricket tournaments in recent years and has the potential to become strong contender and a cricketing nation in South Asia if proper infrastructure and facilities are provided to young and aspiring cricketers. Past experiences have shown that present level of preparation and training of cricketers and other sport players alone typically would bring little or no growth in their performances. Thus, players training and preparations must be strongly complemented by appropriate infrastructure and training complex for speedy growth of players to compete in international sport events and tournaments. Hence, it is the combination of the both training and appropriate infrastructure that will result in the greatest sport outcomes in the future.

2. About GBICS
GBICS is envisioned to promote "Sport for Solidarity, Peace and Development” countrywide and across South Asia region and aimed towards attaining Government of Nepal’s Youth Vision-2025. The stadium is constructed for every sport loving Nepali citizen. GBICS is a public support initiative and to date majority of the funds have been received from individual contributors and stage programs. GBICS project is envisioned based on Foundation’s credibility and overwhelming support received from the public in four major settlement projects completed from 2015 to 2018 respectively in the past.

As exemplary, world-class architectural creations, Nepal’s first international sports arena will be befittingly shaped like a stupa while its first international cricket stadium will be fashioned like a lotus in full bloom. Meticulously designed in strict accordance to international specifications and built entirely out of the contributions of the Nepalese people, the design of these arenas is in keeping with the unique identity and archetypal persona of Nepal.
3. Partnership Opportunity
Estimated cost of the GBICS construction, as per the detail project report (DPR), is 2.6 billion Nepali rupees (approximately 26 million US dollars). Within the funds received to date 85% Ground Area (including cricket pitch) and 30% Parapet Area footing work have been completed. However, remaining Ground Area and Parapet Area construction work is to be completed within two years from now. Hence, Foundation is approaching to Government and non-government organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies and individual donors to support the construction of GBICS for the development and promotion of sport in Nepal and for the future of children, adolescents and young people of Nepal. The GBICS construction and operation will not only develop game and cricketers it will also spread message of solidarity, peace and development as a message from “Lord Gautam Buddha” the symbol of universal peace.

3.1 Partnership Principles
GBICS construction and operation can be ensured only if Government, non-government organizations, civil societies, bi-lateral and multilateral agencies and individuals are:

  1. Ready to invest in establishing international standard infrastructure in Nepal and to promote solidarity, peace and development; and,
  2. Eager to upgrade the current level of sport infrastructure in Nepal to improve and strengthen performance of Nepali players in international sport events and tournaments as we as to meet the demands of new and changing sport context.
  3. Committed to promote sport for development among children, adolescents and young people in Nepal.
3.1 Support Modality
In the entrance of GBICS people can have a symbolic glimpse of major heritages of Nepal such as Pathibhara, Budasubba, Halesi, Janakpur Dhaam, Gadhimai, Badimalika, Swambhunath, Pashupatinath, Bindabasini Siddhababa and Swargadwaari. The stadium will be first of its kind constructed as per the international sport standard having traditional Nepali outlook and representation.
GBICS will have 77 special rooms representing all districts of Nepal and seven pillars representing Provinces. Partners will have the option to choose any of the above structures and contribute in constructing one or more structures. Since this is a national campaign, individuals, Government or non-government organizations, civil societies, private sector, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies working in Nepal and individuals can contribute and have their names/logo or product brands exhibited as mandated. The contribution may be in the form of cash or in-kind (building materials, human resources, food) or any other as per the mandate of the contributor. Therefore, foundation welcomes partners to join hands in this national campaign to promote sport for solidarity, peace and development.

3.3 Options for Contributors
  1. Name, logos or product brands displayed in the structure
  2. Individuals or organizations can build one or more than one structure as ascertained above.
  3. Can provide cash or in-kind support to the foundation.
  4. Contribution other than the parapet structure can be in the form of spectators’ seats, statues, media room, rest rooms, electrification, stones, gravels/pebbles, iron bars, paints, parking space, plans, towers and others.

3.4 Partnership Benefits
  1. Dignity, pride and self-satisfaction
  2. Global recognition
  3. High visibility in mass media as well as DSF Website, Facebook (600,000+followers) and YouTube channel (500,000+subscribers).
  4. Names and logos displayed or institutional memory as contributor
  5. Contribution in producing international level players
  6. Build public relation or network among stakeholders
  7. Individual or organization image
  8. Business expansion and networking
  9. 10/10 Hoarding board display within NPR 500,000 contribution
  10. 20/20 hoarding board within NPR 10,00,000
  11. Wider multi-media coverage of sponsorship and partnership including on DSF’s YouTube channel.
4. Work updates of GBICS Construction Project
With the approval of detail designed drawings, the construction works are being carried out on the site. The stadium construction is divided into two categories: Ground Area and Parapet Area. Almost 85% of Ground Area (cricket field including pitch) have been completed which includes: construction of RCC drainage (with 16 lakh liter water holding capacity), filling of silt soil on the outfield (18” depth) and filling of coarse aggregates (2’ depth) on the main pitch. DSF has hired Mr. Bandhula, as a ground area consultant from Sri Lanka. Ground Area work is strictly done as per his advice. Remaining work under Ground Area: Compaction of silt soil on outfield, fixing of pipelines, placing of black cotton soil over the main pitch area and plantation of the Barmuda Grass. Further, a sample cricket ground with 55m radius area is also in use where games could be organized. The work for the construction of Parapet Area has just begun. Parapet Area consists of civil engineering construction followed by mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). To date, works of excavation, stone soling, and PCC work of all the foundation have been completed. In addition, civil works of foundation and pillar erection work underway at present (about 30% footing work is completed).
Ground work is on hold due to the monsoon at present. Ground Area work is expected to be completed within a month after monsoon. The structure work under Parapet Area will be completed within 5-6 months from now which includes substructure work (concreting beams and columns and stone masonry works up to plinth level). The super structure work is expected to be completed will be completed within 18 months from now which includes concreting works of beams, slabs, columns, stairs and roofing.
Overall, 15% of the total GBICS work have been completed as of July 4, 2020.


सहयोगी दाताहरु

नाम रकम
Taranath Lamichhane RS. 10,000.00
Akriti Gyawali RS. 1,000.00
Shyam Sundar Sharma Rupakheti RS. 1,000.00
Bharat Ganga Acharya RS. 1,000.00
Manish Kumar Tamang/ Santaman RS. 1,000.00
Kaman Kaman Gurung RS. 5,000.00
Bhawani/Sumitra Acharya RS. 1,500.00
Gopal Shrestha Lagayat Anya RS. 365.00
Prem Nath Bidari RS. 5,000.00
Niraj Shrestha RS. 5,000.00
Shree Bhu.Pu. Shainik English School RS. 2,610.00
Buddhi Rana RS. 100.00
Suraj neupane RS. 2,100.00
Debilal Chapagain RS. 2,150.00
Suraj Oli RS. 1,000.00
Chintamani Dhakal RS. 505.00
Narayan Prasad Dhakal RS. 500.00
Bhojraj Dhakal RS. 500.00
Malika Ama Samuha RS. 51,000.00
Abhisek Regmi,Anup Regmi RS. 10,000.00
Bishnu Prasad Sapkota RS. 10,000.00
Machhindra Nath Tiwari RS. 1,010.00
Prakash Paudel RS. 1,000.00
Roshan Parajuli RS. 2,000.00
Shamel Pandey RS. 1,000.00
National Pyaption kaski RS. 111,111.00
Kaski Mordanise Academi RS. 51,111.00
Bijaya jung Basnet RS. 1,101.00
Panasonic Air Conditioning RS. 50,005.00
Gudwil Academi Nuwakot RS. 5,005.00
Kamal Prasad Pokhrel, Bimala pokhrel RS. 51,155.00
Panta Electrics RS. 2,000.00
Anita Kumal RS. 5,000.00
Instayant Assis for kuwat ma karyarat 92 jana Nepali RS. 31,790.00
New Rajib Vada Pasal RS. 500.00
Gokarna Devkota RS. 10,000.00
Sainik Awasiya Mahabidhyalaya RS. 12,000.00
Ganga Ram Shrestha RS. 2,000.00
Gyanendra Biswakarma RS. 5,100.00
Jhapendra Gahatraj RS. 5,100.00
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